Voxatron Gameplay On The Looking Glass (3D Hologram)

Jon gets a playthrough session of Voxatron on the Looking Glass which is a top down 3D adventure game used to demonstrate the power of the hardware. In most games you would have to look around with the swivel of the joystick but here you’re literally looking around the prism to find your next steps to completing the dungeon.

Looking Glass Factory (3D Hologram)

Axel interviews Nikki from the Looking Glass Factory on The Looking Glass, a 3D hologram inside a rectangular prism where you don’t have to use special glasses or other peripherals to see the models, worlds, or objects inside. The Looking Glass provides you with an impressive representation of what those 3D models would look like in the real world. This is hardware that not only can be used for gamers but also for artists, architects, engineers or anybody that utilizes 3D modeling to build their creations. We were extremely impressed by the hardware and got to take a look at an adventure game working inside the hologram!

Galactose: Pastries in Space, a space shooter Interview at PLAY NYC 2018

Victor talks with John O’Meara from Zero Eden Games about their game “Galactose: Pastries in Space” which has to be the biggest food fight galaxy! The struggle is between Dinner and Desert and things are about to get frosting…I mean frosty! Join the battle in your cupcake fighter! http://zeroedengames.com/

The Ultimate Clap Back (Card Game)

Axel interviews Marymartha, the creator of the card game “The Ultimate Clap Back”. Have you ever wished you knew what to say to someone when they disrespect you? Do you lack the gift of gab to respond strong? What you really need is “The Ultimate Clap Back” a game where 3 or more players compete to use their wittiest retorts or “Clap Backs” to reign supreme! Marymartha gives us a quick overview and demo of the game!

In Flight Simulator (for the first time play as the Passenger of a Flight)

Talking with Hosni Auji about his game In Flight Simulator. It is an ASMR game where you simply play as a person on an international flight. You can watch full length movies, read a novel, and listen to music for 5 to 6 hours!