Kingdom Bash

Kingdom Bash may be described as a fantasy-action-game-local-coop-brawler with a solid retro art style and feel. Matthew Estock has made this game by himself as a complete labor of love. Off-screen he said to me “I want people to feel welcome in the world I designed.” Truly a solid guy, and a fun game. Check it out!

AVARIAvs (Party vs. Party JRPG)

AVARIAvs took me back to my old school Final Fantasy days with a modern twist where you fight a friend or strangers party in fast turn-based combat in online and local co-op modes. My favorite race is the Eoni although my Servo bot served me well . Interviewed here is Andrew Linde who has been working on this game for 5 years! Can’t wait for this to comes out on PC in the next few months! ~Axel

Play NYC 2018!!!

On Saturday, August 11th and Sunday, August 12th Jon, Axel, Vic, and Dom covered Playcrafting’s second annual Play NYC (New York City’s first ever dedicated Video Game Convention), organized by Playcrafting We interviewed at least dozens of NYC-based Video Game companies, discussed their projects, and even got to go hands-on with gameplay.

Over the next couple of days we will be releasing these videos, and adding to this playlist, so stay tuned!

Otis (Play NYC Interview)

Have you ever been watching a movie, or Television show, and thought, “Hey, I wonder what [insert character] is doing right now while these two are arguing”? Otis would allow you to see just that, with a push of a button. Backwater Interactive has created a movie short, depicting one series of events, with the ability to switch to three different perspectives at any moment. Check out our interview with Otis co-creator Casey Stein. To experience Otis for yourself, go to