Playstation VR: How to avoid motion sickness

I currently have two full Playstation VR games that have 360 degree movement (Here They Lie, The Assembly). I realized I felt the most motion sickness while playing these games. They both provide more point-and-click style options to prevent the motion sickness issue altogether. But, I found this frustrating when I’d want to face something and just couldn’t quite get the right angle.

So, I decided to break down what it was that was actually making me feel sick. I realized that I only felt sick when I was using the right analog stick to move left and right. That’s when I realized something. As gamers, we have become used to facing forward while turning in a game. Obviously we do this because we’re watching what’s happening on a screen in front of us. But in real life, you would naturally turn your head when turning your body. So I decided to turn my head in the direction that I was turning the right analog stick, and to attempt to turn at a similar speed to the game. This completely removed any feelings of motion sickness!

Another thing to note is, if the game provides the option to adjust turning speed (such as The Assembly), I recommend adjusting the speed to as fast as possible. I noticed, personally, that I felt more sick if the turning speed was too slow.

Anyway, let me know if this helps anyone else out there experiencing motion sickness in VR. Also, if you have any other tips, please feel free to comment.

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