Radical Spectrum Volume 3 (Puzzle Platformer)

We got to talk to Matthew Cohen about his platformer puzzle game Radical Spectrum Volume 3! It has spacemen, farting lizards and awesome multi character gameplay that the whole family can enjoy 👾. You learn the mechanics as you progress through the game, and we enjoyed our short playthrough.

Also he has a kickstarter that you should check out. Volume 3 will be the most ambitious one yet, so it’ll require even more man power than the previous two iterations! Fund this mans dreams with the link below:


VR Game “Mister Mart” Interview at Play NYC 2018

Vic at PlayNYC 2018 talking with Karen M. Chang and Cole Pritchard of Studio217 Games about their super satisfying VR game “Mister Mart” where you work in a grocery store and you get to slam and punch the customers as they try to return items! Full release coming on August 28 on steam and for Oculus and Vive!

Vic Interviews Kaitie of GaymerX at PlayNYC 2018

Victor Magnus at PlayNYC 2018 having a talk with Kaitie Kaitchuck, who is the Executive Director of GaymerX, an organization which celebrates and promotes the participation of LGBTQ+ people in gaming with Queer Gaming Conventions, conferences and more! GaymerX seeks to make the gaming world safer and more inclusive to marginalized people, especially those in the gender and sexuality spectrum. www.gaymerx.org