Metal Gear Dom Part 1: Things Jon Doesn’t Want to Do

Hey Everyone, Welcome Dom to NYC Geek Society! Dom is an awesome Video Guy, Director Guy, All-around Guy, and Metal Gear Solid V Level Upper Guy. Watch him do all the Level Upping that Jon doesn’t like to do…as well as discuss the Metal Gear series and general Video Game related stuff.

P.S. Jon promises to wear darker shirts on hot days so you don’t have to stare at his sweat.


No Man’s Sky…Just a beautiful wonder-inducing clip

Mind that I did not have my wonderful El Gato Game Capture HD device set up at the time of playing this…so I had to use the Playstation 4’s built in Game Capture…which kind of sucks. So, sorry for the poor video quality.

But this was one of those amazing random moments that occurred while playing No Man’s Sky and I felt that it serves as a good example of what it has been like to play this game thus far.

Basically I went to recover my lost gear, slowly (at my leisure) descend onto a new and undiscovered planet, name the planet, walk around, and manage some inventory in between all that.

But I think this demonstrates what a truly contemplative and beautiful experience playing this game can be. Just think, the creator of the game said it would take about 5 Billion Years to explore every procedurally generated planet in this game! So literally, no one has been to this planet but me…and probably no one ever will…and you get a peek at it! 🙂

– Jon