The Worst Grim Reaper at PlayNYC 2018 Interview

Here is Victor Magnus’ interview with Mark Benis of a studio just called Moon Moon Moon about their charming side scrolling video game/storytelling art experience “The Worst Grim Reaper” which he showed off at at PlayNYC 2018! This game is still in development! Keep up with all of their latest developments at their website:

Kingdom Bash

Kingdom Bash may be described as a fantasy-action-game-local-coop-brawler with a solid retro art style and feel. Matthew Estock has made this game by himself as a complete labor of love. Off-screen he said to me “I want people to feel welcome in the world I designed.” Truly a solid guy, and a fun game. Check it out!

NYC Geeks’ Podcast #6

Joaquin Capehart (aka JaeCee The Poet) came in to talk about love lost, love gained, and love lost again. He also discusses his old books “Thoughts of a Spoken Poet” , “Poems for Her” , and his new to-be book “What if I Said…”.

To watch the video version go here:

Otis (Play NYC Interview)

Have you ever been watching a movie, or Television show, and thought, “Hey, I wonder what [insert character] is doing right now while these two are arguing”? Otis would allow you to see just that, with a push of a button. Backwater Interactive has created a movie short, depicting one series of events, with the ability to switch to three different perspectives at any moment. Check out our interview with Otis co-creator Casey Stein. To experience Otis for yourself, go to