Otis (Play NYC Interview)

Have you ever been watching a movie, or Television show, and thought, “Hey, I wonder what [insert character] is doing right now while these two are arguing”? Otis would allow you to see just that, with a push of a button. Backwater Interactive has created a movie short, depicting one series of events, with the ability to switch to three different perspectives at any moment. Check out our interview with Otis co-creator Casey Stein. To experience Otis for yourself, go to https://nukhu.com/otis/

The Take (Play NYC Interview)

A VR Spy vs. Spy! Check out our interview with Eos Interactive’s Rob Canciello and Jose Zambrano discussing their new VR game “The Take”.

NYC Geek Society had a long-form interview with Rob Canciello, on how to make it in the Video Game Industry, back in June. To view that go here https://youtu.be/v58fmU6c1vc

To find out more about “The Take” go to: