Axel Plays Silent Hill 2!

Hey everyone, welcome Axel to NYC Geek Society. He and I have been playing Silent Hill 2…his first playthrough…and will do a review once he has completed the game. However, we thought we’d try doing a Let’s Play together as well…But, we didn’t have the usual setup of having a separate computer to do the video of us. So we used Axel’s phone, and there were some….technical difficulties (such as me NOT being in shot for most of the video, you can hear the fan in the background, and since I wasn’t in shot my usual procedure for syncing the videos got messed up…so although I tried REAL hard our reactions vs. gameplay might be a split second out of sync still). So excuse that…or laugh at us for how dumb we are. Either way I hope you enjoy…and let us know if you’d like to see more!!!

P.S. Victor makes a small cameo at the end telling us to refill the ice trays.